No mixing/washing/buffing, and no odour, Amazing bonding properties and a superior, highly durable finish, 100% waterproof, with extreme stain resistance, easy to wipe clean with no special maintenance required.


This is an alternative to standard grouting, which may require replacing in years to come, depending on the environment, white grout very often will discolour over time, also grout is not waterproof.


Available in a wide range of colours

P20 Light Beige.png

Step by Step

Perlex 1.jpg

1. Remove the existing grout

Perlex 2.jpg

2. Wax the tile to stop the resin adhering to them

Perlex 3.jpg

3. Inject the resin into the grout joint

Perlex 4.jpg

4. Press resin to the bottom of the grout joint

Perlex 5.jpg

5. Remove the excess resin from tile surface

Perlex 6.jpg

6. Complete