Please find below our Frequently Asked Questions put together from our customers. Our FAQ do get updated based on the most we receive at Diamond Kutz. 

If you had a question and that question is still unanswered then please reach out to us here.

If you would like for Diamond Kutz to provide a quote please contact us here. All survey's a Free of Charge.

We are based in Rode Heath in Staffordshire and typically cover around a 20 mile radius from here. Working in places such as Alsager, Holmes Chapel, Sandbach, Kidsgrove, Talke & Crewe.  We mainly cover Staffordshire and Cheshire.

If you are unsure if you fall into this 20 mile radius. Please still get in touch, I'd be happy to look into the job you would like to be done. 

Contact us here.

When we undergo a survey we can answer any questions you may have about quotes and maybe how you could cut down costs if the quote was above your budget.

One example would be the use of plastic panelling. If the tiles you like are out of your budget, then plastic panelling can be a great alternative.  They are cheaper and quicker to install, which will cut down material and labour costs. 

Yes, with preparation. We can use different materials such as tile backer boards to prevent damage to the floorboards as well as minimising damage to the tiles once they have been fitted.

​​​​​​Before we arrive, we ask that you please clear the area that needs tiling, this includes removal of any shelves or cupboards which would get in the way. 

Please remove all furniture including any washing machines and fridges where tiles are to be installed.

I will be in touch after 24 hours to discuss a survey, all surveys are free of charge. When I have completed the survey I will provide a quote then and there and answer any questions you may have.

New concrete floors need to be fully prepared before tiles can be laid, laitance will need to be removed, otherwise tiles with come loose, this is an accumulation of fine particles on the surface of fresh concrete due to an upward movement of water, you will also need to lay an anti fracture mat which reduces lateral movement from the concrete which stops the tile from cracking.